Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Under the Knife

Jim had knee surgery on Monday the 29th! He is doing very well, other than his ears aren't working when I remind him of Dr's Orders! I WONDER who he gets that from?? (maybe, just maybe his Dad??) He sure did look quite Sexy with his gown, ted socks, 1/2 shaven leg, and operating hat!! What a Hottie! I was forcing all the women to stay back!! Here's some pictures for a good chuckle!

Fineran Sioux City Christmas

Travel, Travel, And Travel some more! It's a good thing we had a long weekend! Every year for the Fineran side we go to Sioux City and stay in a hotel for the weekend. The fun and excitements starts as soon as you step foot in the door and doesn't stop til you leave! You never know what those Fineran's are going to come up with. Here is a few pictures of our fun!

Didn't Ava Do A Great Job Giving Emily a Makeover!

Piper and Addy (9 days apart)

Ava Upon Arrival

Playing some Hide and Seek

Christmas Day

Can you Believe Santa CAME AGAIN!! He must have saved a present for Addy and Ava to give to them at Grandpa and Grandma Finerans!! What a Guy! Ava and Addy woke up at G & G Fineran's Christmas morning and what do you know there was a present for each of them!! Christmas Day was fun filled with Presents, Church, Lots of good Food and spending time with Family. Aunt Laura came home from work at 7am and she had bought lottery tickets for all her coworkers, and of course one for herself and guess who had the $50 winner!! We also had some extra bonuses b/c Grandpa Fineran took us all on a tour around Arthur on the sleds being pulled by the John Deere Tractor Mower. What a blast!! He tried his best to make Mandy fall off and succeeded a couple of times with the help of John! What a BLAST! Ava got a snow shovel from Grandpa and Grandma so she decided she would rather shovel snow that sled! Her Dad sure hopes she keeps that mentality! Ava also got a digital camera for Christmas and she LOVES IT!! So just wait for all those fun pictures to post! Then after dinner Grandma Fineran and Uncle John shot off some Fireworks at Dark! It was alot of fun and we had a great Christmas! Ava even fell head over heels for Trey! I don't know what it was, but everytime she saw him her whole face lit up!! Thanks for making her smile and playing so much with her Trey! Thanks Grandpa, Grandma, and Family!

Christmas Eve Morning

Well, Santa came and Ava and Addison sure did have Fun!! Jim and I were so excited that we had to wake Ava up at 7am b/c she wasn't awake yet and we couldn't take it anymore!! She was so excited when she saw all the presents and stockings, it was ADORABLE!! Santa even wrote back to her and said HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Ava even chuckled about how the reindeer at the carrots and Santa ate almost all his cookies and drank some milk. Addy was so excited to just eat some wrapping paper!! She had a great 1st Christmas. So, after we opened presents from Santa we were off to Arthur so that we could celebrate Christmas with Great Grandpa and Grandma Lansink and Family! They had a blast!! So Santa is definetly a hero! There are some pictures below, with some of Lansink Christmas too!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Well, at least the Night Before Christmas for Ava and Addy. Santa had to come early b/c we are leaving town and wanted to have a "Family" Christmas before we leave for all our adventures of the Holiday Season! Today was FUN FILLED!! We took 7 kids to Chuck-E-Cheeses for the "Daycare Before Christmas Bash!" We had a great time! Ava climbed like a monkey through the tunnels and played just about every game she could. Addy on the other hand was completely content just looking at all the lights, listening to all the sounds, and stealing a couple bites of Dads pizza! Anyways, we all had a BLAST! Although, at some points of the day I think Jim was sure wishing he was still working and not on Christmas Break! You could just see it in his eyes!! LOL!! After a long nap and before bed Ava wrote a letter to Santa (ps it says Merry Christmas) and sat out cookies, milk, carrots, and sprinkled reindeer food in the yard. She then after about an hour of convincing tucked herself in, anxiously awaiting the arrival of morning to see her presents under the tree.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ornament Baking Fun

We definetly kept ourselves busy on yet another COLD night! Tonight Ava wanted to make ornaments for her friends and family, so we baked ornaments and painted them. Quite the artist, and the concentration on her face was cute! She was painting every one to perfection. Addy Mae wasn't feeling too well tonight, so she hung with Dad in the rocker and cuddled while Ava and I made ornaments!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland Pictures

Winter Wonderland

Wow! This weather is terrible!! We had a weekend at home due to the weather, but we made the best of it! We went sledding, had tea parties(lots and lots of tea parties), baked cookies, finished wrapping presents, and set up our new Blog Spot, which took us awhile! Jim was even a Champ and grilled chicken out in the Blizzard!!