Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, this week has definetly been a cold one. Jim was in Dubuque for Special Olympics Monday morning until Wednesday night, so the Girls and I had some "girl" time! We rearranged Ava's room and she loves it! She was such a big help by pushing furniture around with me. She is also excited because now that her bed is in a different spot she thinks it is a new bed!! Addy Mae just loved being able to play with all of Ava's toys while we were moving stuff around. Then on Tuesday night we went over to the neighbors to play, and as always the girls had a blast. Wednesday night the girls had some Daddy time while I went and trained in for my new position at Weight Watchers! (I am so excited to get started!) Then, Thursday night Ava and I did makeovers while Addy Mae helped Daddy cook supper! She doesn't look to happy in the pictures, but I think she had so much makeup on her face it wouldn't even move! I know she had fun though, because as soon as she woke up this morning she wanted to put makeup on! I LOVE IT!! Sorry I don't have too many pictures of all this fun stuff, but I will be sending out an email with all of them soon! Hope everyone is staying warm!

Pony Rides

Well, Grandma Katie got Addison a Pink Pony for Christmas and her and Ava had a blast! We pushed them back and forth across the livingroom and they giggled so hard! We had to call Grandma Katie and let her hear how hard they giggled, only to make Grandma Katie giggle even harder! Thanks Grandma Katie!! (1-11-09)

Ice Cold Milk & Oreo Cookies

Well tonight Addy and Ava found out just how delicious dunking oreo cookies in milk can be and they loved it! Of course Daddy has to show them, but after showing them how to do it, he just continued on cookie for cookie! Enjoy! (1-11-09)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hahn Christmas (FINALLY!)

Well, the weather finally held out for us to get together and celebrate our last family Chrismas! We had a great time seeing everyone, and sure wish time wouldn't have gone so fast! Ava was excited as she got a Dora Fleece Blanket that her cousin made for her and Addy Mae got a Vtech Helicopter which she loves!
Ava Playing House
Karen and Ava
Great Grandma and Ava
Grandpa- What a cutie

Grandma Katie & Her Girls

Scooping Snow

Well, atleast Ava can have a little fun with all this snow! If it would just warm up a little maybe we could actually be outside!! She got to go out and help Daddy scoop snow one morning and she loved it! Not to mention she was a great help!! (1-10-09)

Monkeying Around (1-9-09)

Well, little Miss Addison Mae has now discovered the joys of Climbing although she hasn't quite figured out how to get down other than falling. Hopefully she figures that out soon, because her poor head is taking a beating! So, it's official that nothing is safe anymore!! She also LOVES to look at her reflection in the dishwasher and admire her Beauty! Funny thing is that little girl in there talks just as much as she does! LOL! Oh the joys of watching our little ones grow!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Haircut and Spaghetti

Ava got her haircut at Champs tonight! It is a Salon that has a t.v. at every hairdressers station so you can watch your favorite game while getting your haircut. She did and awesome job holding still and kept watching herself in the mirror! To boot, the stylist gave her a sucker at the end so now they are the "Best of Friends!"

Addy had her first helping of "real" spaghetti, not baby food style and LOVED IT! She took the spaghetti mess to a whole new level! She had spaghetti from the top of her head to the tips of her toes! Oh Yes, even in between her toes! She is really loving this table food thing! She is also crawling everywhere, climbing on everything and getting a new tooth on the top! They grow up way too fast!